Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a Charter Bus in Madison

How much does a Madison charter bus cost?

The cost of renting a charter bus in Madison depends on a few factors. We have a charter bus pricing guide to give you a rough idea, but costs can vary depending on seasonality, availability, which bus you end up renting, and if you rent by day, by hour, or by mile. Your reservation specialist will break down each cost associated with your Madison charter bus rental with complete transparency and no surprises. 


Is a deposit required?

Yes. Once you are ready to secure your rental, you will put down a 10% deposit fee to secure your reservation. This deposit is non-refundable. 


What is included in my price quote?

Your quote does include: 

Quotes do NOT include: 

What amenities do you offer?

We offer a network of charter buses and minibuses in Madison of various sizes. Depending on which size bus you rent, you can expect amenities like A/C, power outlets, WiFi, radio, a PA system, undercarriage storage, and onboard restrooms. If you need an ADA-accessible charter bus, we can arrange that for you. Just be sure to let our reservation team know as soon as possible.


Can we have alcohol on the bus?

Yes. Most providers allow passengers aged 21 and over to drink alcohol on board, but it’s best to let your reservation specialist know when you book if you plan to consume alcohol aboard. That way, they can match you with a provider that allows alcohol consumption on board. Be sure to be courteous and clean up behind your group, as you may be subject to a cleaning fee of $250 if you leave a mess behind. 


Do I need to tip my charter bus driver?

While not required, it’s strongly recommended you tip your charter bus driver anywhere from 5% to 10% of the cost of your bus rental in cash at the end of your trip for a job well done.


Can I drive my bus if I have a CDL?

No. Our network will provide you with a licensed, professional charter bus driver. Your driver will have a clean background check and motor vehicle history record and will handle all the driving for you. Driving the bus yourself is not permitted. 


Can I reserve more than one charter bus?

Yes! Our vast network offers plenty of options, and if you need more than one bus for a specific event, we are happy to accommodate you. 

Have any more questions? We are here to help! Our 24/7 reservation team can be reached at any time at (608) 471-7478.